Team MarmotE has been actively involved with intelligent spectrum sharing technologies since 2013. We participated in the first DARPA Spectrum Challenge and took first place in the competitive tournament and fourth place in the cooperative race during the Preliminary Event in 2013. We took third place in the collaborative tournament in the Final Event and made it to the semifinals in the competitive race in 2014.

We also qualified and are participating the DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2). Our team was the overall winner at the Phase 1 Tournament in December, 2017 and placed second in Phase 2 in December, 2018.


Our solutions are built on multiple novel RF physical layers (modems), a flexible software architecture for implementing cross-layer optimizations and intelligent autonomous communication strategies. We use GNU Radio with heavily optimized intrinsics, RFNoC and Xilinx High Level Synthesis for developing robust and high performance radios.

In October, 2019 we released the source code for our modem competing in the SC2 Final Event under the GPLv3 license. The rest of the MarmotE software stack, including the decision engine, log analysis tools and FPGA components, is currently kept proprietary.

We are active members of the SC2 Collaboration Interface Language Council (CILC) with significant contributions to the collaboration protocol and supporting tools. Our current radio solution reliably collect and distribute collaboration information (channel usage, incumbent status, node positions, etc.) within the network and collaborate with our peers using the CIL protocol.


The team has four members from Hungary and the US. Miklós Maróti, a mathematician at the University of Szeged, is the main architect and the most active developer of our team. Péter Völgyesi, a research scientist at Vanderbilt University, is the administrative lead of the team. Our initial involvement with the Spectrum Challenge was motivated by his NSF NeTS project. Sándor Szilvási, an RF and FPGA engineer with strong data visualization skills, is focusing on tool support and performance evaluation of our design. Péter Horváth is an RF and digital communication expert with deep theoretical background in these domains.
Miklos Maroti
Peter Volgyesi
Sandor Szilvasi
Peter Horvath


For information on the technology, IP licensing or consultation, or just to say 'hi', feel free to reach out to us in email at info@marmote.io.
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